Is required for Unreal Dragon Dynasty players to read the rules. Any violation could cause temporary or permanent BAN.


Each player is permitted to have 4 accounts. Any additional accounts are subject to suspension. Please do not use more than 3 accounts online at a time. Logging in more than 3 accounts at a time will be considered abuse of the online reward system.


Each player is permitted to vote once every 6 hours on each account. It is not permitted to use a proxy, unplug your router to get a different IP, use mobile devices, use a work or public IP (such as a library, Internet Café, HotSpot) to try and circumvent the 1 vote per 6 hours per account rule. However, you may vote from any of the places we mentioned if it has been 6 hours since your last vote. Any violation of the voting rules will result in an immediate ban of the violating player(s) and/or the connected IP(s).


Respect staff. Staff members are players like you who spend time and energy to make this the best playing experience possible for you. They are volunteers and should be afforded at least the courtesy of respecting their effort and dedication. Do not pretend to be a GM. Do not use account or in-game names that are similar to a Gm’s name. If there is no U symbol next to a player’s name when he is NOT a GM. Do not waste GMs time. No begging GMs for items/gold/Jaden/favors, 1st offense results in a warning, the 2nd offense will get you muted. 3rd will get banned.

Hacking, Cheating, and Bugs:

The use of any scripts and/or any tools/add-ons is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban of the violating account. The use of any hacks, exploits or any other form of cheats is strictly prohibited. Should you encounter any bugs in the game, please report them. Exploitation of bugs will lead to your account being banned. Any form of "boosting" such as attacking your own territory with another alliance owned by your alliance will result in bans and other forms of punishment.


Now you can Talk any Language in WC. Keep it friendly in WC. We are somewhat relaxed here when it comes to obscenities and profanity BUT any derogatory terms, offensive remarks and/or threats directed at any race/gender/religion/ethnicity/age/sexual orientation etc. will not be tolerated and may result in mutes and/or bans depending on the severity of the violation. Being part of a particular race/gender/religion/ethnicity/age/sexual orientation etc. does not make you exempt from this rule. Do not advertise for other private servers, websites, products or services. Do not spam players in any way. This also includes any form of harassment. Harassment will be taken seriously and you could be subject to ban for harassment. With that said, there IS a blacklist option.


The maximum refinement level for your weapon and armor in Dragon JD is +14. Violators may face bans at GM discretion. Dragon JD is a battery-free server. Should you encounter any way to obtain batteries, please report it. The usage of HP/SP batteries will result in a ban.


The use of racist/sexist/ageist or any other offensive/derogatory term in ANY language as an In-Game name, clan name, alliance name or pet name is not permitted. Consequences will be determined by the GM online.